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John & Gwen Stalling’s “School Children of Yalumcwa Elementary School on Kiriwina Island and the Elementary School on Kitava Island in Papua and New Guinea”  project.

John and Gwen Stalling made an appeal to fellow shed members for stationery and other items for them to take on their next trip to PNG (see October’s newsletter). 

PhotoLibrary2016/IMG_3015.jpgThe rather large result was handed over to John on the 9th Nov. to take with him on their next trip departing on Tuesday.

Such has been the response that John has had to find an extra large suite case plus any other free space in their own cases to take all of the things which comprise:
347 pencils, 17 packs coloured pencils, 306 pens (130 black, 123 blue & 53 red), 1 pack 20 gel pens, 1 pack 30 colour markers, 8 erasers, 71 pencil sharpeners, 19 rulers, 4 ruler sets, 3 maths sets, 2 chalk & dusters sets and 1 pack chalk, 36 exercise books, 6 reading books for early childhood, 6 homework helpers & basic skills books, 4 how to draw books, 67 tennis balls, 5 skipping ropes, 1 flying disk, 4 whistles, 2 soccer balls, 4 footballs, 2 air pumps, 2 packs needle valves for pumps, 16 Panther caps, 24 tooth brushes and finally 16 inflatable Bunnings hammers.

And then Penrith Press got wind of the appeal which resulted in the following article published on the 10th November.


Riverboat Postman's Day Out 5th April

2016RiverBoat2-6cm.jpgIt was Tuesday 5th April in the morning when from Springwood through to Penrith 20 members of the Nepean Men's shed...more for the full story

PUG Men's Shed and Sydney Heritage Fleet Visit

On Tuesday 29th March Bob Maynard, Eoin Milne and Peter Hanna together with 15 members from the St Clair Men’s Shed visited the Pyrmont – Ultimo – Glebe (PUG) Men’s Shed and the Sydney Heritage Fleet’s (SHF) workshop and restoration projects...more

Open Day 12th March


The shed held an Open Day on Saturday as part of the national Open Day by Men's Sheds.  We had some 80 visitors, some from other sheds along with family of existing members (see where their other half gets to when he says"going to the shed") who came and wandered around our massive shed astonished and somewhat envious.

160312-ShedOpenDayToysAlso many men looking around for something to do with their spare time and while the day was not designed as a recruitment drive,three joined on the day and a number said they were coming back to join.

OpenDayLookingSpecial thanks to the following who came: Sean (our insurance organiser), Jeff Donley (who arranged the lease and the sponsor of our BBQ aprons), Ken Swan (who is part of the group wanting to set up the new Lower Mountains shed), Kevin Crameri ( Penrith City Councilor - one time Mayor ) and Fiona Scott (Federal MP for Lindsay).

We had some of the toys, bird feeders, wood burnings by Paul and lots of other projects to show off.

160312-BBQOpenDay.gifAnd of course what would an open day be without the obligatory sausage BBQ to feed the many children and wives who came along.  A very successful day.

The Last BBQ Valley Heights


We see the end of an era with the passing of the fortnightly BBQ held at Bunnings, Valley Heights.  The last after many years was on Saturday 5th March 2016.

The BBQ has been providing the main income for the Shed especially before the acquisition of the new shed at Orchard Hills.  Since moving to the new shed we have conducted fortnightly BBQ's at Bunnings North Penrith (Thursdays) in addition to those at Valley Heights.

The BBQ's at North Penrith are "closer to the new shed" and "returning a better profit for the same work".  So it was decided to concentrate on North Penrith by providing a weekly Thursday BBQ.

While many members have manned the Valley Heights BBQ, the final team as shown in the photo was (L to R) Terry, Bob, Eoin and Morrie.